Correct Toes


Correct Toes - £56 and free p&p. We brought Correct Toes to the UK in 2011 and having sold thousands of pairs, can provide advice and expertise to help them work for you. We honour the manufacturer's 30-day money-back guarantee.

Correct Toes are a unique toe-spacing product designed to guide toes back to their natural alignment – preventing and correcting many foot problems common in runners and non-runners alike, from plantar fasciitis to hallux rigidus. Invented by a podiatrist, Correct Toes can be worn barefoot or inside any shoes with sufficient room in the toebox. (We recommend Inov8's standard last range, Altra, Lems and Vivo Barefoot.)

Sam wears her Correct Toes for running, walking - even sleeping - and has noticed significant improvement in her toe alignment, mobility and foot circulation. They played a big role in ridding her of stubborn plantar fasciitis - follow this video link to find out how Correct Toes can help with this common runner ailment

Many elite runners are discovering the benefits of Correct Toes, too:

‘Correct Toes were an important part of my rehab program coming back from foot surgery and I continue to use them in training.’ Evan Jager, Rio Olympics silver medalist and US steeplechase national record holder (broke his own record again, despite falling, in July 2015)

‘Correct Toes are a great product and I like wearing them because they make my stride more efficient and powerful.’ Matt Tegenkamp, US 2-mile record holder

'I have been battling with a broken toe and sore metatarsals for a while and the Correct Toes work wonderfully. I ran my best 10k recently!' Zola Pieterse (née Budd), former World Cross Country Champion and 1980s barefoot runner

Customer comments: "I just wanted to drop you a mail to let you know my Correct Toes arrived safe and sound, and what a positive impact the product is having on the way I view my footwear"; "with your 'toes' at least 80% of [my] problems disappear, before I could not even sleep from the dead aches in my hips and knees every night. Without them, I could not walk 100 yards without being in pain, and could not carry loads without fear of straining my hip or knee muscles, and frequently lost my balance, with them, in my trainers, I could walk for miles, can carry loads all day and feel stable and not afraid of falling"; "I love them. Heel pain gone after a few days wearing and now I have trimmed the little toe spacer they feel even better. After about a week I can even SEE my feet are better. Just need to find shoes that are wide enough now. Brilliant product THANKYOU"; "I just wanted to write and thank you for being stockists of Correct Toes, as basically they’ve saved my career and my foot health!"

  • Medical-grade silicone - very comfortable for all-day wear
  • Washable and durable
  • Four sizes available XS, S, M and L. With Correct Toes storage pouch and user's manual. NOTE: Size formally known as S is now called XS.
  • The width of the base of your toes is as relevant as foot length, but as a guide XS is suitable for sizes 3 - 4.5. S for 5 - 7; M 7.5 - 9.5. L for sizes 10+. NOTE: Size formally known as S is now called XS.
  • Email us for advice if you are not sure what size to choose.

Postage is free in the European Union. Can't find your size, or want to place an order from outside the EU (which will incur a postal charge)? Email us